Announcing New Office Location – RC&A Kansas

February 2015 – RC&A is pleased to announce the addition of an operating location in Kansas City, KS (RC&A Kansas).  Having this location helps us to reduce mobilization costs for projects in the midwest.  RC&A Kansas will be fully equipped for aerial data acquisition services.  Feel free to contact us for details.

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RC&A Purchases New DMC IIe-230

January 21, 2015 – Always at the forefront of new technology, RC&A has recently purchased a second Z/I Imaging DMC II-230 camera.  The new “E” model features increased data storage capacity, robust IMU based gyro-stabilization and a fully integrated non-ITAR restricted positioning system.  Our clients will benefit from our ability to collect the highest quality imagery with even greater efficiency.  For more details click here:

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LiDAR Services

2012 – RC&A is pleased to announce that we are now offering LiDAR data collection using a Riegl 680i 400Khz LiDAR sensor coupled with a Leica RCD30 medium format digital camera and Applanix POS AV 510 IMU.  LiDAR, imagery and ABGPS / IMU data is collected simultaneously.  We can mount this system on a fixed wing or helicopter platform.  Feel free to give us a call for more details (301)846-4865.

Frederick Airport, MD (LiDAR - Riegl)LiDAR (Riegl)DullesAirportLiDAR (Riegl)

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